EasyPass International Conditions Of Service

Here you will find the conditions of service underlining EasyPass International’s international internship program offers.

What Is Included

Before your departure, EasyPass International provides you with :

    • Research and identification of your internship placement abroad
    • Help getting a valid internship Visa
    • Guidance with your preparations to go abroad
    • Access to a large source of testimonials from past and present interns that allow you to prepare for the cross-cultural integration challenge

When you return, EasyPass International will also provide you with:

    • A certificate of participation in the program
    • Evaluations from your internship company so you can present evidence of your internship performance to your educational institution and recruiters
    • Assistance in evaluating and maximizing the outcome of your internship experience to further advance your career prospects in the jobs market

What Is Not Included

EasyPass International does not provide you with the housing, training or pick-up and drop-off services in your destination country. These services, as advertised on the website easypassinternational.com, are provided by the key partners in each destination country. The student pays the partner directly for these services which are outlined in detail in the individual internship engagement contract. Food and transport are at the cost of the student. Insurance is not included and must be acquired by the student in compliance with the laws and regulations of his or her country of residence and of the country in which he or she is going to intern.

The Responsibility of EasyPass International

The responsibility of EasyPass International will be, in the event of an incident of whatever type, limited to the amount paid by the student for the services provided by EasyPass International.

Obligations of the Student Who Enters Into A Contact With EasyPass International

The student must be of mature and legal age to act on his or her own behalf. He or she is, therefore, fully responsible for his or her own actions within the country of destination.

Obligations Before Departure

The student undertakes to acquire all necessary insurance cover required by law to cover his or her project (covering civil responsibility, illness, accident, housing, third-party cover included).

Obligations Within The Destination Country

1: The Intern (the student) should abide by the local laws and never commit an offense under them during their stay in the country.

2: In reference to the accommodation and daily behavior of the intern (the student) while abroad, the intern should abide by the following rules:

a) Respect local people and be polite and friendly

b) Respect the life and working habits of the local community and adapt to them

c) Treasure all household goods and appliances and conserve the usage of water, electricity and food

d) The intern must not indulge in excessive drinking or invite friends or have a party without

the permission of the host.

e) Visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted to stay overnight and the intern must not arrive

home late in the evening or even stay outside overnight without permission of the home-stay host.

f) Smoking and the consumption of alcohol at the intern’s place of work, on campus or in the intern’s accommodation is not allowed without the permission of the host.

g) An intern will only use the home telephone in the case of a “home stay” accommodation arrangement for the purposes of domestic or international charged calls with the express permission of the host.

h) The intern is required to contact his or her mentor without delay in the event of any dispute.

3: With regard to the internship training program participation, the intern should abide by the following rules:

a) Be punctual to classes and follow classroom etiquette

b) Not be absent from class except under exceptional circumstances

c) An absence must be notified in advance, where possible. Notification should be given to the class monitor, supervisor or teacher

d) Respect the teachers and tutors, and maintain friendly relationships with classmates

e) Prepare classwork in accordance with the teacher’s request and be punctual for tests and examinations

f) Answer the teacher’s questions, participate actively in classroom discussions, and hand-in assignments on time

g) Treasure public property and keep the classroom clean and tidy

4: With regard to the internship, the intern should abide by these rules:

a) Be punctual and professional

b) Follow the procedures of the company

c) Unexpected absences must be informed in advance with justification

d) Respect all colleagues, supervisors and managers

e) Maintain a modest, polite and diplomatic attitude and comportment

f) Comply with the allocated work assignments

g) Ensure a professional attitude and work to the best of their ability, championing the interests of the company and its clients

h) Be patient when meeting communication challenges and to resolve any disputes diplomatically

i) Call upon the assistance of the internship tutor in the event of any difficulties or unresolved disputes in a timely manner

j) Complete the internship reporting and self-assessment process conscientiously

k) Treasure the property of the receiving organization and comply with the principle of


The Applicable Law

All relations between EasyPass International and its clients, the student, shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. The tribunals and courts of reference in the event of a dispute shall be those of Hong Kong.

Exceptional Circumstances

If the services of Easy Pass International cannot be performed due to exceptional circumstances, the parties shall not be responsible in part or in full for the performance of obligations here within mentioned, except as otherwise provided for by law. The party shall not be exempted from liability if the exceptional circumstances occur after the delay in performance.

Exceptional circumstances here within mean any unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective condition. These circumstances include: great natural disasters, epidemics, war, riots and other actions of governmental bodies.

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