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What is the EasyPass International Internship Program?

EasyPass International is an international internship program that combines : an international working experience in Asia or Europe an internship training package facilitating cross-cultural and linguistic integration in the destination country an experience of total social and cultural immersion in … Continue reading

How can I apply for an EasyPass International Program?

Students worldwide are eligible to apply for an EasyPass International Internship Program, with the exception of candidates from the destination countries. In this case, a Chinese national is not eligible to apply for an EasyPass International China Internship Program. They … Continue reading

Can I apply for internships in different countries?

You can apply for an internship placement in each and any of the country destinations offer by EasyPass International. When completing the application form you will be given the option to nominate the country or countries in which you would … Continue reading

How much does it cost?

The program fees are only 90€. This fee covers the support of finding your job abroad : – Adapt your professional project for the international job market – Apply for a work visa – Adapt your personal marketing (CV, LinkedIn … Continue reading

What criteria does EasyPass International base their decision to grant an internship program placement?

EasyPass International is looking for talented and ambitious students with a desire to construct serious careers. We are looking for candidates who wish to live and work internationally to learn all about what it is to adapt and integrate into … Continue reading

Can I apply for an internship in my own country or the country in which I am studying?

No. Offers are given to those students who can benefit from an international experience in a country which is new to them in terms of study and work experiences.

Can I chose what type of internship I do?

Yes. When applying, you can tell us what you would like to do during your internship abroad. You can also describe your professional project and we’ll then be able to suggest internship offers that would be excellent experiences to help … Continue reading

Is there a deadline for applications?

No. It is advisable, however, to apply as soon as possible. Placements are offered on a first-in-first-serve basis. If 2 candidates apply with exactly the same profile and both fulfilling the job requirements, the first applicant will receive the placement … Continue reading

How long before going abroad should I apply?

There is no time limit. Ideally, however, you should allow 6 months. This time will ensure that you will be placed in a perfectly adapted position to your specific needs. You can, however, apply up to 30 days before departure. … Continue reading

How does EasyPass International determine the dates of my internship?

When you apply for an EasyPass International internship program you can tell us what dates you are available. An offer will be made within those dates you specify.

Can I apply even if I am not yet in a specialized course of study?

Yes. Offers are made with regard to your level and performance of study.

Will there be an interview?

Generally no. An interview between you and the internship company is generally not required. From time to time, EasyPass International may contact you with specific questions to make sure an offer is suited to your needs, and you will fit … Continue reading

What contact will I have with the company before leaving home?

Once the offer is made, EasyPass International will act as liaison between you and your host company. This contact is primarily for determining the successful planning of your internship program. Before you leave you will receive a full internship description … Continue reading

What happens if there is a problem with my company?

You’ll have an EasyPass International mentor on the ground to assist you with any issues. Your mentor is there to assist you 24/7.


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