Intern in China

Ready to fast-track your international career with real Asia experience?

Intern in China; the world’s new economic powerhouse.

China is change. China is the future now.

If you’re looking for more than just another job placement, becoming an international intern in China is the next step for you.

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The Future With China

China is now the world’s second largest economy. In today’s crisis gripped world, China is flourishing. It’s the new economic engine of growth.

For ambitious graduates there’s a whole new horizon for building top level careers in China.

Opportunities abound in all sectors, whether it be in aeronautics, engineering, construction, renewable energies, transport and shipping, agriculture and nutrition, healthcare and medicine, or finance and trade.

Is it any wonder foreign students are turning to China for their internship abroad?

Standout From the Crowd

Real work experience in China will set you apart in today’s saturated jobs market. Be ready to take-up jobs that demand specialized knowledge of China.

Brands want access to Chinese market. Exporters worldwide see their future in China. Without qualified recruits with direct knowledge and connections in China, their chance of making headway is limited. They’re all looking for recruits with rare, first-hand experience of doing business in China.

Chinese companies too are recruiting foreign talents to help their teams develop business in the global economy.

Get that experience and knowledge that will make you a target for recruiters. Intern in China.

Easy Pass China - Your internship in China

Kickstart Your Career With An Internship in China

The best way to intern in China is through structured internship program.

Structured programs give you direct access to top placements, internship training and logistical support, like accommodation and Visa solutions. You also get certificates and recommendations from reputable organizations to show recruiters real proof of your experience.

A structured China internship program with EasyPass International gives you all of this. We partner with the Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange, China Scholarship Council, China’s peak international exchange organization, to offer you everything you’ll need to live and intern in China.

  • Work in an innovative Chinese company actively seeking new recruits from around the world
  • Get formal internship training in theChinese language to supercharge your résumé
  • Build lasting relationships and open the door to a lifetime of international business
  • Establish your international credentials and kickstart your career

Ambitious and willing to build an outstanding career? Then go abroad to China. Become an agent of growth in today’s global economy.

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