Intern in India

Want to get first-hand experience of the global economy?

Intern in India and discover the world’s economic future.

India is an emerging powerhouse. It’s predicted to become the world’s largest economy by 2050.

Companies worldwide are targeting India for business growth. But to get access, they’ll need new recruits with real India experience.

Intern in India and build up a unique skill-set. Become the natural recruitment choice for companies expanding into the Indian economic space.

Getting  the Competitive Edge

Add an internship in India to your résumé and give yourself the competitive edge global employers are seeking.

Learn How To Intern in India Now

India has overtaken Japan as the world’s third-largest economy in purchasing power parity. Its dynamic modernization is producing a massive middle-class of consumers. Investment in infrastructure is booming. This all means incredible export opportunities for companies worldwide.

With real work experience in India you could land a job developing export opportunities for a company in your home country.

Indian companies too are reaching out to global markets. As India’s global outreach picks up pace, they’ll need more foreign talents to strengthen their international teams. You could be their business lead into Europe or North America.

Future Leaders Are Getting Work Experience in India

With India’s economic modernization and globalization, is it any surprise more and more students are choosing to intern in India?

Join an elite with real work experience in India. Position yourself in the jobs market with a rare skill-set and profound knowledge of India.

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