Intern in Spain

Keen to broaden your job prospects to include Europe and Latin America?

Intern in Spain and learn Spanish; the world’s second most widely spoken language.

Boost Your Résumé With Spanish

Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide. It’s the official language of 21 countries and the second most used language in the USA. Spanish is also an official language of the United Nations.

Learn to speak Spanish. Open-up your career to job offers worldwide. Why not work with a Spanish multinational expand into global markets? Or help exporters at home develop new markets in Latin America or the USA?

Adding Spanish to your skill set is one great reason to intern in Spain.

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More Top Reasons To Intern In Spain

Enjoy Spain’s standard of living and fantastic lifestyle

Spain is a modern country with one of the world’s highest standards of living. It’s also widely recognized for its fantastic lifestyle. Compared to other European internship destinations, its also very cheap. You’ll get a lot more for your internship investment.

Spain the door to the European Union

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Spain the natural gateway to Latin America and a bridge to African markets

Intern in Spain to gain invaluable insight into the European business mindset. Develop links into the Hispanic world of business. Become a truly international player.

Intern In Spain In Your Sector

You can intern in Spain in the sector of your choice. There are plenty of innovative fields to choose from. Spanish companies are active in renewable energies, desalination, architecture, design, construction and engineering. You’ll also find internships in:

  • international trade, banking and finance
  • business management and global development
  • tourism, hospitality and entertainment
  • education, consulting and translation
  • IT, innovative technologies and engineering

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