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Intern in the Emirates. Join an internationally diverse and experienced hospitality team at the luxury-end of the market.


Hospitality and tourism in the United Arab Emirates is flourishing.

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Access The Luxury Hospitality Market

The Emirates is one of the Middle East’s most important economic centers. It’s main cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubaï, are exciting and fast developing icons of modernity in the age of globalization. Internationally diverse, they’re also millennium standard cities renowned for their luxury hotels and tourism offers.

Experience Work In A Booming Sector

Hospitality and tourism is a booming business in the United Arab Emirates. The market is forecast to grow at more than 10% a year, reaching an impressive $7.5 billion by 2016. Internationally renowned hospitality companies are actively recruiting exceptional talents worldwide to fill demand. Intern in the Emirates to have a real chance scoring a post-internship international job offer.

Intern In A Truly International Environment

An internship in the Emirates is your chance to experience the top end of the hospitality and tourism industry in the Middle East. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get exposure to  the world of international business and make great connections for your professional future. You’ll develop rich cross-cultural knowledge and build strong proof of your adaptability and readiness for an international career at the highest level.

Intern in the United Arab Emirates

As an intern in the Emirates with EasyPass International, you’ll not only get a top level placement that includes on-the-job training. You’ll also get your accommodation and food included. You even get free medical insurance while in the Emirates.

Launch your international career in the flourishing high-end hospitality and tourism sectors in the Emirates.

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