International Career : How to achieve your project ?

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Through the history and the path of different personalities, we took note of the opening and wealth that moving abroad can bring us to learn and discover other ways to live and work. But how to move successfully?

The traditional technique of job hunting

Apply for a job offer
Every student will look for traineeship or job offers in the country they are interested in and apply.
If you are Chief Human Resources Officer of a company in New York: Will you be looking for an engineer who lives in New York or in China? In New York, of course. If you are Chinese and living in China, you don’t stand any chance to find a job in New York in most cases.
Job hunting mobile applications and websites use you location to give priority to those who live in the country and not abroad.
Thereafter, if you succeed in crossing this barrier, during the interview, priority will be given to those who are settled down in the country.
By using this technique, you will be in most cases eliminated if you try to work in a foreign country.
Apply spontaneously
You can use social networks or internet to fill spontaneous application. Imagine that you are a company director of a Chinese company in Shanghai and you receive the spontaneous application of a German engineer. If you don’t know the person, will you take the risk to make him come from Germany to China to discover if he is a good or bad applicant?
This technique won’t work neither in most cases.
We can then see that: it is very difficult to look for a job in a country where we don’t live. And most applicants fail because they always use these two methods.

The direct approach

If traditional techniques don’t work, you have to find another way.
The pre-conditions
You have to check the requirements to obtain a work permit or a visa for internship according to your situation: nationality, gender, country of residence, age, economic capability, language level, education.
There is no need to look for a job or an internship in a country in which you will never enter. However, there is many possible restrictions. You then have to inquire about the legal way that will allow you to enter in the country that you are targeting.
EasyPass International for example, organizes free online information interviews to examine the situation of students and look for the best legal solution for them.
The direct approach
Then, you will have to use contacts with decision makers in the country you are targeting. You have to be in contact with company directors that can recruit you. The network will then be very important.
But what is even more crucial is the way company directors have to be contacted.
You have to approach them on their needs. Before contacting them, it is necessary to do some research about their personalities and their company projects. You have to identify their no. 1 problem to then find a way to really help them.
It is how company directors will be genuinely interested in exchanging with you, in talking to you. You will genuinely interest them.
The aim is to make them discover that you are a talent, a gold bullion, because for a gold bullion, we don’t hesitate to take risks.
This method isn’t always easy but it works. It will allow you to win.

Alternative paths

Sometimes, you also have to choose a path that seems longer but that is more efficient:
To study and work in a country in order to then, get a work permit.
In some countries, the student visa is easy to obtain and allows to work on a part-time basis. Being accepted to study in a university or a school is often easier than being recruited by a foreign company. Studying and working allows to fund your education. By choosing properly a country like Canada or France. At the end of your studies, some degrees allow to obtain a temporary work permit and to settle in the country.
I live in Portugal and work for Google in the USA
It is also possible to look for a job remotely in the country we are interested in while living in another country. This kind of solution is more and more developed in the knowledge-based economy.
In this type of relations, nationality is no longer important. Indian, French or Argentinian, everybody can work remotely for the Silicon Valley.

The shortest way isn’t the straight line but the path of talent and motivation.

In conclusion, there is no unique path. The pathway is specific to every situation and to every project. Succeeding in our project implies willingness, talent and being helped.
Like for sports athletes during the preparation for the Olympic Games, there is no secret, it is those who prepared themselves that will be given a chance to win the race.
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