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Save time and make sure you get a career advancing international internship with a leading company. Challenging internship positions are available in all sectors.

You’ll also get formal internship training in cross-cultural communication and how to do business abroad. Your accommodation, food and logistical needs are taken care of with EasyPass International.

International internships with EasyPass International are a ready-to-go-abroad solution that give you :

✓   A professional experience in a foreign company

✓   Intercultural and language training

✓   International business and management training

✓   All official documents needed to get your valid internship Visa

✓   Accommodation, logistical support and 24/7 assistance


With EasyPass International internships in Asia, Europe, America  and  Middle East, you get a high value-adding work experience abroad that will supercharge your résumé or CV.

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