International professional mobility : impediments and opportunities

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An international career is an olympic race. It requires motivation, preparation and talent to succeed. Let me tell you three histories of Indian and Bangladeshi students .

Satya Nadella: Pursue a high level regarding education

Satya Nadella was born on August 19th, 1967 in Hyderabad, India. He studied at the Hyderabad Public School of Begumpet before graduating from Manipal University with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Satya Nadella then graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin (USA). He then received an MBA at the University of Chicago.
In 2014 Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft.
In brief, it is with talent and excellence that he boosted his career internationally.

Muhammad Yunus: Give yourself time to solve financial problems when you are lacking ressources

Muhammad Yunus was born on June 28th, 1940 In Chittagong, Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. He was the third of fourteen children, of which five died when they were young. He studied at Dhaka University where he graduated with a BA and MA in Economics.
Four years after he graduated with an MA and, with a prefect academic record, he obtained a Fulbright scholarship to graduate with another MA in the USA (University of Colorado) and then with a PhD in Economics (Vanderbilt University). It took him six years to receive his PhD in the United States. He funded it thanks to a position as an assistant professor at the university after obtaining his Fulbright scholarship.
Muhammad Yunus then founded Grameen Band (the villages’ bank). He is the father of microcredit. He was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.
To build a professional project, you need a long-term strategy. An international path cannot be completed in five minutes. You need to have a goal and provide yourself with the means to reach it.

Indra Nooyi: Move forward step by step

Indra Nooyi was born on October 28th, 1955 in Chennai, India. She graduated with a Bachelor in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Chennai and an MBA from the India Institute of Management of Calcutta. She started her career in India at Johnson&Johnson. Then, she attended Yale University in the United States to receive an MS in Management.
Indra Nooyi became the CEO of PepsiCo in 2006. In 2014 she was ranked the World’s 13th most powerful woman.

Indra Nooyi’s career, such as the one of Muhammad Yunus or the one of Satya Nadella is a path. An international career is a road. The most important thing is to build this road, to move forward, to go through the steps that allow you to defeat difficulties which seem to great to overcome.

The 3Ms: Motivation, Method, Mentoring…

Today, the knowledge-based economy, combined with digital transformation, allows to build new professional paths internationally. Every student who graduates from a university in Asia, Africa or Europe can for instance, work remotely for a Silicon Valley startup. It is an opportunity that Indra Nooyi, Muhammad Yunus and Satya Nadella never had. But building an international career remains a competition.  Like for the Olympic Games, with equal talent, what is going to make the difference between athletes is the 3Ms: Motivation, Method and Mentoring.
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