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EasyPass International, with the Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange, China Scholarship Council, offer you all-inclusive internships in China.

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Internships in China
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Formal Partnership

EasyPass International partners with the Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange, China Scholarship Council (CSC), China’s peak international exchange body. This ensures you get top level internship placements with formal internship training, plus everything you’ll need to live and work comfortably and securely in China.

EasyPass International develops its intern in China program with the China Scholarship Council

Quality Internship Positions

Top internship placements in China are available in all sectors, including, chemical engineering, finance and trade, media and entertainment, education and research, engineering and construction, aeronautics and information technology.

Urgent positions

Innovative Teams, Challenging Work and Job Opportunities

You’ll be working within an innovative Chinese team with global outlook. There’ll be plenty of career developing work for you to do. Plus you’ll be interning with a company that is actively looking for new international recruits to develop its position in the global economy. You’ll have a real shot at post-internship recruitment.

Recruitment Networks

Successful interns will also join the EasyPass International / CSC recruitment network. Your profile will be actively promoted to thousands of companies in China and Europe that need foreign talent with real work experience and knowledge of China.

Overcoming Barriers

Doing an internship in China is a fantastic opportunity. But trying to go it alone can be difficult. There are plenty of challenges, like how to connect with top level companies and find secure and comfortable accommodation. How can you get a valid internship Visa so you can legally intern in China? You’ll need official sponsorship and letters of invitation.

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EasyPass Solutions

EasyPass International removes the barriers and makes it easy to intern in China. We save you time and make it so you can get the most out of your China internship investment.

Let EasyPass take care of finding and organizing your internship in China. You can concentrate on your studies and getting ready to go abroad.

With EasyPass International and the China Scholarship Council, you get access to top level placements, plus everything you need to go abroad and intern in China.


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