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Africa: The Continent’s Greatest Challenges and Opportunities .  Add a work experience  in your CV with an EasyPass International Internship in East Africa.

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Internships in East Africa
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Formal Partnerships

EasyPass International’s partnership with International Companies and NGO’s guarantees you’ll get a top level placement with quality internship training.

Intern in Africa with Easy Pass

Positions are available in all sectors, including NGO’s, retail, agriculture and logistics, advanced engineering and manufacturing, or life sciences and healthcare. You’ll be working on challenging projects with international teams in Africa.

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Recruitment Networks

Joining the EasyPass International  also means your profile is promoted to thousands of potential recruiters looking to build international teams with International experience.

Overcoming Barriers

It is true that you can try finding and organizing an internship in Rwanda alone. But there are huge hurdles. For starters, there are visa restrictions requiring you to have official sponsorship. There’s also the challenge of how to connect with top level companies. What about logistical questions, like how to get comfortable and secure accommodation?

The EasyPass International Solution

EasyPass International relieves the stress of finding and organizing an international internship. You get official backing. We take care of everything for you, so you can concentrate on your studies and getting ready to go abroad to Africa.

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