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Broaden your future to include job opportunities in Europe and the Americas. Get an all-inclusive internship in Spain with EasyPass International.

EasyPass International and the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon offer you top internships in Spain, plus intensive Spanish lessons.

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Internships in Spain
  • Top Internship Placements in Spain
  • Professional Mentoring
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Add Spanish to Your Résumé

With the Cervantes Institute, you’ll develop real competence in business Spanish. You get 1 month of intensive Spanish before starting work, then weekly lessons throughout your internship period.

EasyPass international in partnership with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Centre of Castellon develops internship programs in Spain EasyPass International partners with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Centre in Castellon to develop internship programs in Spain

Gain Real Work Experience in Spain

Top internships are available in all sectors and industries, including innovative fields like renewable energies, desalination, agribusiness, viticulture and information technology.

Placements are in Castellon de la Plana (Valencia), Spain’s richest economic region. You’ll be taking on challenging workloads and working on real business development projects.

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Expand Your Employment Future

Internship companies are actively seeking new recruits and placements are considered pre-recruitment opportunities.

Successful interns will be added to EasyPass International’s recruitment network. Your professional profile will be promoted to companies across Europe and Asia.

Save Time And Maximize the Benefits of Your Internship in Spain

EasyPass International simplifies the process of finding and organizing an internship in Spain. You get guaranteed top quality, all-inclusive internship placements in Spain.

Open the gateway to the global economy. Go abroad on an EasyPass International internship in Spain.


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