Internships In The Emirates

High-End Hospitality and Tourism Internships

Open the gateway to career and business opportunities with the Middle East. Intern in the United Arab Emirates in the high-end tourism and hospitality sectors.

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Internships in the Emirates
  • Top Placements In Tourism & Hospitality
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Full Integration With Your Study Program
  • Housing & Food
  • Stipend (Financial support)
  • Your Visa Solution
  • Emirates Medicare Cover
  • 24/7 Support

Partnerships For Access to Excellence

You get the chance to work in one of the most exciting growth sectors in the Middle East; the high-end tourism and hospitality industry. EasyPass International partners with leading international companies in the Emirates to offer you challenging and career advancing internship placements.

High-End Companies & Challenging Posts

Internship placements are with companies actively seeking new recruits. You’ll have a real chance at post-internship recruitment. You’ll be given top level responsibilities and be working with experienced professionals at the peak of their sector.

Qatar - Emirates : Internships in Dubai and AUE

The Official Internship Language

English is the official language for these internship placements. Candidates with a good level of German or Russian are highly sort after.

All-Inclusive Internship Abroad Solution

The Emirates Internship Program includes your Visa solution, accommodation and food, in addition to your internship placement. You also get free medical insurance through the United Arab Emirates Medicare system.

Connect With A Truly Global Network

The program is your opportunity to get truly international experience at the highest level in the hospitality and tourism sectors. It is also an incredible chance to establish your personal network in the luxury sector.

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It’s free to apply

Develop Rich International Communications Skills

You’ll develop your international communications skills and abilities in one of the world’s most internationally diverse markets. The UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. Its foreign population makes up approximately three quarters of the total population.

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