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International Exchange Programs

EasyPass International specializes in developing international internship programs for students around the world.

We link foreign talents with top international companies in Asia and Europe.

Our key partners include the China Scholarship Council, the Sinhgad Technical Education Society in India, and the Accredited Cervantes Institute of Castellon in Spain.


What Does EasyPass International’s Service Include?

Before your departure, EasyPass International provides you with:

  • Research and identification of your internship placement abroad
  • Help getting a valid internship Visa
  • Guidance with your preparations to go abroad
  • Access to a large source of testimonials from past and present interns that allow you to prepare for the cross-cultural integration challenge

When you return, EasyPass International will also provide you with:

  • A certificate of participation in the program
  • Evaluations from your internship company so you can present evidence of your internship performance to your educational institution and recruiters
  • Assistance in evaluating and maximizing the outcome of your internship experience to further advance your career prospects in the jobs market

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The Company

EasyPass International is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Business Identification Number: 1748366.

Certificate No: 59839325- 00-05-12-8.

EasyPass International :

12/F, San Toi Building, 137-139 Connaught Road Central, HONG KONG.


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