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Kickstart Your Career in Argentina

Program Details

Maximize Your Internship Experience in Argentina

EasyPass International’s  Internship Program in Argentina is an all-inclusive package. The program is developed in partnership with international companies in Argentina.

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 Partners EasyPass Argentina

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Your Internship Program in Argentina Includes:

Top Level Internship Placements

You can choose to intern from 4 to 12 months.

You’ll be working in Spanish, the official language of the program in Argentina. You’ll also get plenty of opportunity to develop working knowledge of Spanish.

Over 60 Hours of Spanish Training included in the program

The  Program includes over 60 hours of Spanish language and cross-cultural communication training. Training starts intensively during your first month, so you’ll be ready to integrate your internship team. See the “Training Program” Tab above for full details

Credit Your Internship

Integrate your Internship Program with your current study program. EasyPass International  will prepare a “Training Agreement” with your university or college so you can claim credit for your internship in Argentina.

Professional Mentoring

When in Argentina, you’ll not be alone. You’ll have a dedicated in-company mentor working with you to maximize your learning and working experience. A  mentor will also be your advocate throughout your stay in Argentina.


EasyPass International  will work with you to evaluate your internship experience. Successful interns will be eligible for letters of recommendation from their host company and EasyPass International.


All internships are with companies actively seeking foreign talents to compliment their international teams. Based upon your performance, there is a real chance for post-internship recruitment.


EasyPass International  will actively promote successful interns to international companies seeking foreign talents with international experience.

Our goal is to provide you with top quality internship experiences that leads you to full-time work and an international future.


Housing with essential facilities is provided by our Support as part of the Internship Program in Argentina.

Note: While the program offers the best student accommodation available,  please understand that standards in Argentina are not necessarily at par with those of Europe or the USA.

Logistical Support

EasyPass International will accompany you with all the preparations to go abroad to Argentina.

When in Argentina, you’ll be accompanied. You’ll be met at the airport. Our local support will help you settle-in and get oriented.

You’ll receive an orientation pack. Our local support will also help you get oriented for all your essential needs.

Visa Solution

When you apply for an EasyPass International internship placement in Argentina, you’ll get all the necessary official documents needed to get a valid internship Visa for Argentina. See the Visa Tab above for more details

24/7 Assistance

Our local partner will be there for you throughout your stay in Argentina. 24/7 support is available should you require it.

Fully Documented Offers

Applying for the Argentina Internship Program with EasyPass International is free. Successful candidates receive a formal internship offer, including a full internship description. You can decide then to accept the offer.


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Your Visa to Intern and Work in Argentina

EasyPass will accompany you through the process of getting a valid visa to intern and work in Argentina.

Which Visa For Interns in Argentina?

All international interns are required to get a valid  Work & Holiday Visa.

The Work & Holiday  will also give you the opportunity to  work in Argentina after your internship.


The  Work & HolidayVisa is offered for a period of 12 months. You should allow 2 months for Visa processing.

Do Not Cut Corners

Warning : some companies will try to avoid the bureaucratic process by telling you it’s fine to “just get a tourist visa”. This is easier for them. But it is illegal. It places you in the delicate situation of contravening the laws of the country you are visiting.

You risk having your internship experience cut short. You will not get any official recognition for the work you managed to do.

Another concern is that if your internship company is willing to host you without the official and legal documents, then there is serious doubt as to the value of the experience. You might find your internship placement no longer exists after you have arrived in Argentina.

You should always travel to a foreign country with the correct legal visa.

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The  Spanish Training Program

With EasyPass International’s Internship Program you get much more than a great internship placement in a leading  company in Argentina.

You also get 3  Formal Spanish Language Training per week

Spanish Language and Cross-Cultural Training

Go beyond the official spanish speaking internship experience and really connect with Argentina.

Learning the local language will help you establish deep relationships with your colleague You’ll develop greater insight into the culture and what it’s really like to do business in Argentina.

It’s your opportunity to build up a set of truly unique and highly sort after skills and abilities.

Here are the details of what you will learn :


Your Spanish language lessons take place during all your internship period  in Argentina.

You’ll learn foundational Spanish for doing business in Argentina.

  • Group Sessions : 4 students max
  • 1H30 / session
  • 3 sessions / week

Cross-Cultural Communication

All sessions are focused on developing your ability to converse in business situations. You’ll come to understand some of the key issues involved in cross-cultural communication within Latino-American society and its business world.

Focus is given to preparing you to get the most out of your internship placement in Argentina.

Top Level Academic Staff

Lessons are conducted at Accredited Professor of our local operator. Your teachers are all qualified staff with extensive international experience.

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Career Management Training Program

We offer you a personal career management program to maximize your living and working experience. Based upon your internship, there is a real chance for recruitment in international companies . The program will actively promote your profile to international companies seeking foreign talents with international experience. Our goal is to provide you with a global program that leads you to full-time work and an international future.

Program Presentation (Video)

More details about the Work Abroad Program



In 2013, more than 200  international talents get a work abroad thanks to the program.

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Process & Costs

Process & Costs


Accepting your internship offer, EasyPass International reserves the placement and  begins formalizing your program.

Academic inscription350€ is paid online to accept your internship offer.

Your internship is reserved and EasyPass International begins formalizing your program.

✓   Internship  Engagement

✓    Invitation Letter

You can  buy your flying tickets for India.

Accommodation –  Support  –  Spanish Classes

The total cost of the program is included in each internship proposal .

Pre-payments before departure :

✓ 350€  to confirm your  Accommodation Reservation

✓ 550€  to confirm  once your  Internship Agreement firmed by the company

You can finalize your visa and prepare to leave for Argentina.

Final  payment  once  arrived in Argentina (first day).

It includes :

✓    Administrative Support before Departure

✓    Your internship support in Argentina

✓    3  classes / week   (cross-cultural & language training)

✓   Full accommodation in shared room ( supplement for single room : 3,28 € / day )

✓   Integration with your current study program

✓   Logistical support & 24/7 assistance in Argentina

✓   EasyPass Career Management Program to promote your experience in Argentina

The cost does not include flying tickets, visa administrative fees, and  daily transportation.

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6 months internship (budget all included)


✓ Program Inscription  : 350€

✓ Round trip Flying Ticket (not included in the program cost)

✓ Visa Fees (not included in the program cost)

Estimate travel cost  :  1 650 €

Cost of Living (6 months)

✓ Pre-Departure Support : Administrative Support ( Internship Agreement, Visa Support) – Accommodation Reservation

✓ Airport Pick-Up – Accommodation  – Local Support – Classes – Career Management Program (Pre-payments of 550 € & 350 €  + Final payment once arrived in Argentina : 3 550 € )

✓ Food  (estimation : 10 € / day )

✓ Pocket Money (estimation : 100  € / month )

Estimate cost of living  : 6 940 €  (1 157 € /month)



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