The EasyPass International Program – Description

EasyPass International Conference, Part IV
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The goal of Easy Pass International is “to support students in their professional integration in a globalized world »

The program

You want to intern or work abroad…. we help you to :
Define your professional project
Adapt your personal marketing for each country targeted
Connect with executives
Prepare the interviews
Get your visa
If your are highly motivated the EasyPass International Program provides you the method to challenge the borders and reach your dream.

Our heritage : Muhammad Yunus Philsophy

In 1977, Muhammad Yunus created the Grameen Bank by offering for the first time a “micro-loan”.
Muhammad Yunus believed that it was possible to help poor people in Bangladesh with a sustainable economic model. In 2006 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his project which changed the life of million people.
EasyPass International is inspired by the Muhammad Yunus Philosophy. The cost of the EasyPass International program is 95 euros . The price is lower than the cost of the visa in many countries. Our support is not time limited. Inspired by the micro-loan model , the EasyPass Program is a financial sustainable model. It offers international opportunities with a limited investment. It is accessible to most motivated students.

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