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Maximize what you get out of your internship in India

The India Internship Program offers you an all-inclusive international internship experience.

We’ve developed the program in partnership with the Sinhgad Technical Education Soceity (STES), one of India’s premier international exchange organizations.

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Here’s what your India Internship Program includes:

Get Credit for Your Internship

Integrate your internship in India with your current study program. EasyPass International and STES will prepare a “Training Agreement” with your college or university so you can claim credit.

The Placement

EasyPass International and STES leverages their extensive connections with business and industry circles in India to offer you top level internship placements.

All internships are in the State of Maharashtra, India’s economic powerhouse. You can choose to intern from 1 to 6 months. You also get to choose the sector.

Recent examples of internship placements include:

Banking and Finance with ICICI Bank, Pune

Electrical Engineering with Spencer Systems

Metalurgy with Fluid Controls

Waste Management with Sneha Bearings

Energy Management with Commins Turbo Technologies

You’ll be working with professional teams on real projects. You’ll be learning fast and have plenty of opportunity to show what you can do.

Over 50 Hours of Internship Training

Working in another country poses many challenges of linguistic and cultural adaptation. It’s very important to get some pre-internship preparation so you can quickly and effectively integrate into your Indian workforce team.

See the full training details via the tab above


You’ll not be alone in India. You get 2 professional mentors to help you maximize the benefit of your experience. An in-company mentor will help you integrate  on the job. An STES mentor will be your general advocate in all other matters.


At the end of your internship period, EasyPass International and STES will work with you to evaluate your internship experience. Successful interns will be eligible for letters of recommendation from their host company and STES.


All internships are with companies actively seeking foreign recruits to compliment their international teams. Based upon your performance, there is a real chance for post-internship recruitment.


STES and EasyPass International will also actively promote successful interns throughout their extensive network of leading companies worldwide.

Our goal is to provide you with top quality internship experiences. We want to see you progress to full-time work and a successful international career.

Visa Solution

You’ll need a valid Visa authorizing you to intern in India. To get that Visa, you’ll need a number of official documents that can only be provided by an authorized international exchange authority.

As an authorized exchange body, STES will give you the documents to get your valid Visa. You’ll get signed and stamped copies of the required “Letter of Invitation”, “Internship Agreement” and “Certificate of Housing”.

Housing and Food

Secure  housing is a must when living and working in a new country. With STES and the India Internship Program, this is exactly what you get.

You’ll be living on the STES campus at Vadgaon (Pune), a secure and green college environment. On campus security guards ensure controlled access and discipline.

There are guest houses for both men and woman. You could be staying in a shared room (423 square feet/ 39 square meters) with four people, or in a shared apartment for six (3 per room with shared living space).

Each accomodation has a private bathroom and toilette with solar heated hot water. WiFi connections are at variable speeds.

Note: While the program offers the best on campus conditions available,  please understand that Indian standards are not necessarily at par with those of Europe or the USA. Also, following Indian mores and values, women and men can not share accommodation on campus.

Nutritional indian food is included as part of the India Internship Program. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners  are served in the campus canteen. Purified water is also provided on campus.

On campus, you’ll find sports facilities, a medical centre, photocopiers, banks and restaurants.

The campus is just 14 kilometers from the center of Pune. It’s connected by a regular bus service, so you can easily explore the city.

Logistical Support

You’ll be accompanied throughout your internship. EasyPass International will help you during the pre-departure phase. Your STES and host company mentors will be there for you while in India. You’ll never be without support when you need.

When you arrive in India, you’ll be met at the airport and driven to your housing. Your STES mentor will get you set up and ready for formal training. When the time comes, they’ll formally introduce you to your company mentor so you can begin work.

At the end of your stay in India, you’ll be driven back to the airport and helped with departure. Then there’ll be follow-up from EasyPass International and STES, helping you along the way to landing your first full-time job.

24/7 Assistance

Your STES mentor is there for you with 24/7 support, should you require it.

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What better way to maximize the benefits of your investment to intern in India?

Go abroad to India for an intercultural experience and get a human experience  to impress recruiters dealing with Asia.


About The Sinhgad Technical Education Society

Finding the best internship opportunities in India takes time and dedicated effort.

Making it happen to truly deliver real career changing outcomes requires local skill and knowledge.

This is why EasyPass International has partnered with India’s leading educational exchange organizations, the Sinhgad Technical Education Society (STES).


With STES, EasyPass International offers you the India Internship Program.

Leading Educational Exchange Worldwide

STES is the leader in higher technical education in the Indian State of Maharashtra. It’s also one of India’s peak exchange organizations, facilitating global cooperation for economic growth and business development.

STES has more than 60,000 students in 110 institutes, and 10 campuses. Amongst the reputed schools is the STES Business School. It welcomes graduates into its programs from all over the world.

Like EasyPass International, STES is focused on facilitating international cooperation and global business growth with a human face. STES works to connect foreign talents with Indian companies working to advance India’s growth in the global economy.

EasyPass International partners with the Sinhgad Technical Education Society to develop internship programs in India

Strategic Positions and Invaluable Alliances

STES is based at the University of Pune, “the Oxford of India”. This location is right in the heart of India’s leading industrial state, the State of Maharashtra. It’s also India’s powerhouse of finance and entrepreneurial innovation. Pune is home to India’s world famous information technology industry.

This strategic location, coupled with its standing in technical education, guarantees STES can identify top internship opportunities. Because of STES’ extensive business network, it internship placements are available in all major sectors, including banking and finance, manufacturing and industry, retail, health, engineering, construction, aeronautics, and information technology.

In partnership with EasyPass International, these placements are then made available to selected international students within the all-inclusive India Internship Program.

The Authority to Make Your Internship Pay

Going abroad to India with STES’ backing makes getting a valid Visa to intern a breeze. It also makes it possible to get a stipend for your work. But that is not all.

STES and EasyPass International will leverage their extensive connections with the business world to actively promote top interns to selected companies in need of talented graduates with India experience.

Joining with EasyPass International and STES through an India Internship Program is an excellent way for ambitious graduates to boost their résumé and open the door to an international career.


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How to Get a Visa to Intern in India

India is notoriously tough on handing-out Visas for foreign nationals to work in India. It’s the same for foreign students wanting to intern in India.

Thankfully, through EasyPass International’s partnership with the Sinhgad Technical Education Society (STES), getting a Visa to intern in India is a breeze.

Easy Step Visa Solution

To intern in India you’ll need a valid Student Visa. The Student Visa authorizes you to study in a university or technical institute like STES. It also authorizes you to intern as part of an authorized internship program.

To issue a valid student visa, the Indian authorities require you to present a number of official documents. Without these documents, you will not get a valid Visa to intern in India.

EasyPass International and STES provide you with the necessary documents.

There are two different categories of documents required, depending upon your internship status.

If you are interning as part of your current study program, we’ll provide you with :

✓   STES’ signed “Letter of Invitation”

✓   STES’ signed “Proof of Accommodation”

✓   STES’ signed copy of your university or college’s “Internship Convention”

If you are interning in India after you have finished your study program you’ll need to write a “Letter of Motivation”. The letter must outline why you want to intern in India and include a brief outline of your academic history. Don’t worry, we’ll help you do that. We’ll also provide you with :

✓   STES’ confirmation letter that you have been selected into a formal internship programlettre officielle de confirmation d’admission de STES sous format original

✓   STES’ signed “Internship Program Agreement”

✓   STES’ signed “Proof of Accommodation”

Proof of Financial Security

To finalize your visa application, the Indian authorities require you to provide proof of your financial capacity to live and intern in India.

Any one of these 3 types of document is admissible :

If you are self-financing : A signed, stamped and addressed letter from your bank verifying your capacity to finance a stay in India at 500€ per month.

If you are being financed by a third party : A signed, stamped and addressed letter from the third party’s bank verifying their capacity to finance a stay in India at 500€ per month.

If you are being paid or on scholarship to intern in India : A signed, stamped and addressed letter from your bank verifying the availability of funds to the value of 500€ per month are available for the duration of your internship program.

The valid Visa to intern in India will be issued for the duration of your internship placement. Note that the date of issue is also the date the visa becomes active.


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Formal Internship Training Program

With EasyPass International’s India Internship Program you get much more than a great internship placement in a leading Indian company.

You get over 50 Hours of Formal Training in :

  • Language and Cross-Cultural Integration
  • Business Development and Management in India

All training is taught by qualified and experienced staff from STES.

Here’s what you’ll learn about

English for Non-Native Speakers: 20 Hours

Targeting basic grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and writing within an Indian business context

Indian Business Case Studies: 8 Hours

Providing an understanding of Indian corporate and business development based on detailed case studies of leading Indian businesses

India as an Emerging Market : (8 hours)

Focusing on the rise of India as one of the BRIC (Brazil, India, China) rapidly developing markets and what this means for business and international trade

Indian Corporate History: 8 Hours

Identifying major experiences, trends and lessons to be drawn from India’s business history, its various sectors and major corporations (8 hours)

Intercultural Relations : 4 Hours

Generating a better understanding of Indian culture, traditions and how business is done

Indian Administrative Law : 4 Hours

Introducing the Indian Constitution and Federal System, in addition to basic understanding of the administrative law in India, as they apply to doing business in India

Top Level Academic Staff

These lessons are conducted by the academic staff of STES. Sessions will take place during the first month of your stay in India. It’ll allow you to quickly adapt and integrate into Indian society and prepare to get the most out of your professional experience.


Team Building

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in organized sporting activities.

In India, sport is a very important part of society and business culture. Participating in team sports is one very important way you get to understand and develop India’s team spirit.

It’ll be great fun.

No need to be a sporting genius. Indian people enjoy and respect your willingness to be a part of the event.

Confirm your Inscription and Departure

Career Management Training Program

We offer you a personal career management program to maximize your living and working experience. Based upon your internship, there is a real chance for recruitment in international companies . The program will actively promote your video presentation to international companies seeking foreign talents with international experience. Our goal is to provide you with a global program that leads you to full-time work and an international future.

Program Presentation (Video)

More details about the Work Abroad Program


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Process & Costs

Process & Costs


Accepting your internship offer , EasyPass reserves the placement and begins formalizing your program.

Academic inscription350€ is paid online to accept your internship offer.

Your internship is reserved and EasyPass International begins formalizing your program.

✓   Internship  Engagement

✓    Invitation Letter

You can  buy your flying tickets for India.

Airport Pick-Up – Accommodation –  Meals –  Support –  Classes – Career Management Program

The total cost of the program is included in each internship proposal .

Pre-payment : 550€ are paid online to confirm your departure.

Before departure you get :

✓ Administrative Support : Internship Agreement, Visa Support

✓ Accommodation Reservation

You can finalize your visa and prepare to leave for India.

Final  payment  is made once your Visa has been issued and before departure. Payment is  made by bank transfer to the Indian University (STES) . Final payment is : 590 Euros for first month & then 570 Euros  per month. Total amount corresponding for the total internship period is transferred before arriving in INDIA

It includes :

✓    Your internship support in India

✓    Cross-cultural & language training (1day / week)

✓   Full accommodation

✓   Essential meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

✓   Integration with your current study program

✓   Logistical support & 24/7 assistance in India

✓   Airport pick-up and drop-off, plus guided orientation

✓   EasyPass Career Management Program to promote your experience in India

The cost does not include flying tickets, visa administrative fees, and  daily transportation.

STES is a university with a public service mandate (the one who runs the only public hospital and dental hospital in Pune open to the poor, for example). Students from the local state have negligible fees. Major fund is raised from the students coming from different parts of India and abroad to Institute. It is therefore your fees  includes  a contribution to the development of educational and healthcare services in India for poor people, but overall costs are very good for 3 meals, 1 night, courses and support of the university.

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