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The EasyPass Spanish Internship Program

Your Gateway to the Spanish Speaking World of Business

EasyPass International and the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon offer you fully-integrated programs to intern in Spain.

Here’s what you get with your Spanish Internship Program:

Credit Your Internship

You can integrate your internship in Spain into you current study program. EasyPass International and the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon can prepare a “Training Program” with your university or college.

Over 100 Hours of Spanish Lessons, plus more

Your internship will be 100% in Spanish. What better way to learn a language than total immersion? It’ll certainly add some real power to your résumé. You’ll really have proof of your ability to adapt, take on a challenge, and overcome cross-cultural communication barriers.

You kickstart your internship in Spain with 1 month of intensive Spanish with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon (more than 80 hours). When your internship starts, you’ll continue with  lessons on a weekly basis, plus guidance and help from your Institute mentor ( 3 hours / week) .

The Placement

Top internship placements are available in Castellon de la Plana, Spain’s richest economic region. You get to choose your sector and job type.

Positions are identified by EasyPass International, working with the local authorities of Castellon, to ensure only the best quality placements are offered to leading international candidates.

You’ll be working on real business development projects in a company actively seeking new recruits.

Professional Mentoring

Throughout your internship you’ll be accompanied by 2 mentors. Your in-company mentor will help you to maximize your learning and working experience. You’ll also have a mentor from the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon to assist with cross-cultural integration.

Validation, Pre-Recruitment and Promotion

EasyPass International will work with you to evaluate your internship experience. Successful interns will be eligible for letters of recommendation from their host company and EasyPass International.

Since your host company is actively seeking new recruits, you’ll have a real chance of post-internship recruitment. In addition, successful candidates will be promoted by EasyPass International to prospective employers throughout Europe and Asia.

Our goal is to see you kickstart your international career.

Visa Solution

Non-European Union citizens will require several official documents to get a valid internship Visa for Spain. EasyPass International and the Institute will provide you with everything you need.

Housing and Food

The program provides you with secure and comfortable housing. You’ll have your own room in a shared apartment with all amenities, including bathroom and kitchen facilities.

24/7 Assistance

Your Institute mentor will be there for you throughout your stay in Spain. 24/7 support is available should you require it.

Fully Documented Offers

Applying for the Spanish Internship Program with EasyPass International is free.

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a fully documented internship placement offer. You’ll be able to decide then if the internship suites your needs before accepting it.

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Spanish Institute

About the Cervantes Institute

Your internship program in Spain is developed in partnership with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon.

EasyPass international in partnership with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Centre of Castellon develops internship programs in Spain EasyPass International partners with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Centre in Castellon to develop internship programs in Spain

This partnership guarantees you get the very best quality Spanish language training. You’ll also benefit from the Cervantes Institute’s official status by receiving the official documentation you’ll need to get a valid internship Visa.

The Cervantes Institute is Spain’s premier international exchange institute. Founded by the  Spanish government in 1991, its primary role is to promote and spread the Spanish language, and Spanish and Latin American culture. It’s present in five continents, with over 70 centers in various countries.

The Cervantes Institute issues certificates and diplomas for successful candidates in its Spanish programs. Once you’ve completed your internship in Spain with EasyPass International, you’ll receive certification for your Cervantes Institute coursework.

The work of the Cervantes Institute is done by qualified academic and professional staff. Your language training will be conducted by the very best quality teachers. You’ll also be mentored throughout your internship by a Cervantes Institute supervisor.

The partnership between EasyPass International and the Cervantes Institute is your guarantee of excellence in internship training and experience.

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The Spanish Training Program

With EasyPass International’s Program you get much more than a great internship placement in a leading Spanish company.

You also get 80 Hours of Formal Spanish Language Training

Spanish Language and Cross-Cultural Training

Learning the local language will help you establish deep relationships with your  Spanish team. You’ll develop greater insight into the culture and what it’s really like to do business in Spain.

It’s your opportunity to build up a set of truly unique and highly sort after skills and abilities.

Here are the details of what you will learn :


Your Spanish language lessons take place during the first month in Spain.

You’ll learn foundational Spanish for doing business in Spain.

  • Group Sessions : 3-4 hours per day in a small group of students
  • Cultural Activities  each week

At the end of your training, you’ll receive a certificate or proficiency.

Cross-Cultural Communication

All sessions are focused on developing your ability to converse in business situations. You’ll come to understand some of the key issues involved in cross-cultural communication within Spanih society and its business world.

Focus is given to preparing you to get the most out of your internship placement in Spain.

Top Level Academic Staff

Lessons are conducted at Accredited Centers  of  Cervantes Institute. Your teachers are all qualified staff with extensive international experience.

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Career Management Training Program

We offer you a personal career management program to maximize your living and working experience. Based upon your internship, there is a real chance for recruitment in international companies . The program will actively promote your profile to international companies seeking foreign talents with international experience. Our goal is to provide you with a global program that leads you to full-time work and an international future.

Program Presentation (Video)

More details about the Work Abroad Program



In 2013, more than 200  international talents get a work abroad thanks to the program.



Fatima went from Europe to Canada in just two and a half months with EasyPass’ Essentials Pack

“Firstly, I want to thank you (EasyPass) very much for your help and support throughout the process of my job search. Being a part of the EasyPass International program and benefiting from the almost daily guidance and support allowed me to learn a new way of approaching the Canadian job market.

Furthermore, the personalized coaching and adapted tools helped me to more effectively target and prepare my professional project.

Thank you for helping me to learn a new approach and to engage social media to improve my job search.

I recommend EasyPass International’s program to anyone who wants to go abroad or to gain an international experience. Really, well done and thanks once again.”

Fatma Diallo
Client Portfolio Analyst at the National Bank of Canada”

Paola went from Europe to South Korea in just three weeks with EasyPass’ Essential Pack

“EasyPass International’s program was an enormous help. The work done on my LinkedIn profile and my CV was extremely effective. The form of presentation was very satisfying, even if it took me a little while to get it done. Ultimately, I’m delighted to have made this effort. It allowed me to structure my thoughts and define my professional project.

Paola Chapdelaine
Korean Research Institute for Human Settlements, KRIHS.


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Process & Costs

Process & Costs


Accepting your internship offer EasyPass International reserves the placement and begins formalizing your program.

 Academic inscription350€ is paid online to accept your internship offer.

Your internship is reserved and EasyPass International begins formalizing your program.

✓   Internship  Engagement

You can  buy your flying tickets for Spain.

Accommodation – Support  – Spanish classes

The total cost of the program is included in each internship proposal .

Pre-payment : 550€ are paid online to confirm your departure.

Before departure you get :

✓ Administrative Support : Internship Agreement, Visa Support,

✓ Accommodation Reservation

You can finalize your visa and prepare to leave for Spain.

Final  payment  is made once your Visa has been issued and before departure. Payment is  made by bank transfer to the Accredited Center of the “Instituto Cervantes” .

It includes :

✓    Your internship support in Spain

✓  One  month of intensive Spanish with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon (more than 80 hours).

✓ When your internship starts, you’ll continue with  lessons on a weekly basis, plus guidance and help from your Institute mentor ( 3 hours / week).

✓   Full accommodation

✓   Integration with your current study program

✓   Logistical support & 24/7 assistance in Spain

✓   EasyPass Career Management Program to promote your experience in Spain

The cost does not include flying tickets, visa administrative fees, food and transportation.

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Getting Your Spanish Internship Visa

EasyPass International will help you through the steps to get a valid internship Visa for Spain.

Non-European Union Citizens need a visa to intern in Spain.

The application requirements vary depending on your country of origin. Generally, however, to intern in Spain for more than 3 months, you’ll need a student visa. A student visa is only issued to people enrolled in a formal education program.

Your EasyPass International Internship Training Package, organized in partnership with the Accredited Cervantes Institute Center of Castellon, constitutes a formal education program for student visa purposes. You’ll receive all the necessary documents to complete your application from EasyPass International.

European Citizens do not need a visa to intern in Spain.

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