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Work in Québec
  • Career Management Training – Get a job before your departure
  • Work and live permanently in Québec (Canada)
  • Talented Graduate (master degree) between 20 and 35 years of age
  • Native French Speaker + English Speaker

A strong and diversified economy

The largest province in Canada by surface area, Québec ranks second on the basis of population with 7.8 million people (in 2009). The active population represents 4.2 million people. Québec strong and diversified economy ranks among the 50 most important in the world. Its economic vitality is due to a number of factors including:

  • Its strategic position in North America;
  • Abundant natural resources;
  • Hydro-electric power at relatively low production costs;
  • Highly educated and skilled workforce;
  • Innovative and dynamic R&D as shown by the excellence in advanced technologies;
  • Exportation of products across the world.

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A land of opportunity for talented graduates

Canada is a country on the lookout for talented professionals to help develop international business opportunities.

Canada has solid institutions, flexible markets and a very strong, open business culture. The jobs market is founded on the principles of merit-based career development.

Skilled graduates willing to work can quickly gain career-changing experience and move up into positions of responsibility.

Easy Pass International - Work in Quebec (Canada)


Québec (Canada) : An Economy that welcomes qualified workers

Québec attracts more than 50 000 immigrants a year from every country, contributing to the depth of its qualified labour pool.
It has entered into agreements with France to promote labour mobility.

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Foreign students choose Canada as their destination for post-study opportunities.

An Economy focused on high technology

Qualified workers needed in Québec (Canada)

✓  Computer Engineer

✓  Aeronautical engineer

✓  Agronomist, BioSciences

✓  Chemical Engineer

✓  Industrial Engineer

  Mechanical Engineer

✓  Electrical Engineer & Electronics Engineer

✓  Business development

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