Work in Europe

Work in UE (England, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, ...)

UE :   A single market of 500 million citizens.

Work in Europe (UE)
  • Get your job after your studies in Europe
  • Gap Year – Final Internship
  • Career Management Training
  • Visa Assistance for non UE citizens

A continent of opportunity for international students  and recent graduates in Europe

Most of the UE countries  are countries on the lookout for talented professionals to help develop international business opportunities.


Technical Skills Required (master)

✓ Computer Engineer

✓ Aeronautical engineer

✓ Agronomist, BioSciences

✓ Chemical Engineer

✓ Industrial Engineer

✓ Mechanical Engineer

✓ Electrical Engineer & Electronics Engineer

✓ Business development

Other skills required

✓ Fluent local language

✓ English


Standard Eligibility in UE countries

The Programme is applicable to  UE citizens , international students with a UE student visa and recent  graduates ( 6 months maximum / master )