Work or Intern in Emirates

Work in Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait through EasyPass Emirates

Objectives of the program :

 Get a job in Middle East before your Departure

✓ Your job in Middle East match with your professional project

With  a booming economy, Emirates are a relatively easy place to quickly find a job in all sectors. This program is open  to residents and citizens of all the countries.

Working Conditions In Emirates

✓  Salaries (indicative) :

  • 1500 – 3000 Euros / month (graduated with an international master degree)
  • 750 – 2000  Euros / month (gap year / final internship)

✓  Fluent English

Confirm your Pre-Departure Program 

A minimum of three months is required  between Inscription and Departure

Work in Emirates through EasyPass International